Mollie Dangerbucket white queer minnesotan.

"I wanna watch the ocean bend
the edges of the sun. Then
I wanna get swallowed up
in an ocean of love."
Lucinda Williams

If I am calling you to ask about your stance on gay marriage, and you don’t want to talk and ask me to take you off our call list, I totally get that, cuz this is Minnesota and we don’t talk to strangers on the phone about gay marriage. 

If I am calling to ask you about volunteering, don’t belligerently tell me that you don’t “accept these kinds of calls” because if you’re on our volunteer contact list, then you signed up for these calls. And guess what? I’m not gonna take you off our list, and I’m not going to ask anyone at the office to take you off our list, and I’m not going to even write down on the sheet that you want to be taken off the list. 

I’m going to drive to Minneapolis, go to Gay 90s and write your name and number in all the bathroom stalls. Then you’ll get all kinds of unacceptable calls. And you can go scrub your name off yourself. 


  1. little-brittney said: wow!!!!
  2. 99-nox-balloons said: The tags are a lie; you are a wonderful phonebanker, Mollie. And this post is all kinds of wonderful <3 (And yay for being willing to remove people from lists if they ask, that’s something that too few callers -actually- do)
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